In the ranking issued by Italy's leading daily newspaper, which includes the best medium-sized Italian companies that have distinguished themselves for excellent results, Aetna Group is included.

This is a significant ranking for the industrial world, including companies with revenues between €120 and €500 million, representing many product sectors and spread throughout the Country.

These are companies often far from the spotlight, where results come from entrepreneurial visions based on concreteness and teamwork. The article points out how the pandemic crisis and the war in Ukraine have not slowed down the growth of these champions of Made in Italy, but, on the contrary, precisely in the face of great difficulties the companies have been able to adapt to new business models, in several cases boosting the growth.

Faced with choices that will pass for the respect of the planet and the new generations, Aetna Group strongly reaffirms its values of Responsibility, Transparency, Integrity, Innovation, Technology and Passion.


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