As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Group takes care not only of the environmental and economic aspects of all the realities involved, but also of the well-being of  People both at company level and in local communities. 

According to this common philosophy, man and environment are closely  connected and technology must go hand in hand with innovation and sustainability.  

In this sense, at Aetna Group promoting professional growth and a healthy and balanced working environment  is a responsibility not only towards employees, but also towards the society. 
This vision is supported by a series of training and welfare programs and continuous monitoring of working conditions to ensure the highest levels of safety.   

Culture is also an integral part
of the definition of responsibility 

As the awareness of playing a fundamental role in the social and economic context. 

Always convinced that there is a strong relationship between the vibrancy of cultural and civil life and the development and innovation linked to the territory, Aetna Group carries out projects in support of local communities, both to promote their cultural richness and to intervene in the most difficult circumstances.    



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