OCME joined Aetna Group in 2017, bringing a 
consolidated experience of over 60 years in the world of primary and secondary packaging, with machines and complete solutions for end-of-line and logistics. 

Founded in 1954 in Parma, in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley,
OCME made its debut in the production of solutions for tomato processing. Starting from here it made a huge development, establishing 
itself all over the world as one of the most reliable and innovative partners in the end-of-line sector for the packaging of high quality 
consumer goods, based on a continuous research for advanced 
and technological excellence.

Beverage, Food, Detergents, Lube&Edible Oil and Tissue are the industrial industries in which OCME has established 
its leadership with high-tech System Integration solutions - from filling machines to secondary packaging machines, from palletizing & depalletizing to internal logistics - that can be customized at high levels, responding and anticipating the trends of the main international markets.   

Strongly rooted in the territory, it identifies its mission in the internationalisation with numerous plants and service centres around the world and 2 production plants, one in Italy (Parma) and one in China, in Jiaxing, where it has been 
active since 2007 producing fully automatic machines for the Chinese and neighbouring markets. 

Innovation is the watchword of OCME, which invests in research & development looking at the packaging world in an evolutionary way and following the main criteria of automation  and environmental sustainability that consolidate
it as an ideal partner of the main players worldwide. 

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