Aetna Group's Research & Development area covers the areas of machinery as well as  complete plants, focusing on the whole industrial and management process in order to offer the best customization of services and thus create the best conditions to support competitiveness, while  strengthening the propensity towards complete customer satisfaction. 

Digitalization, sustainability and an Open Innovation approach  are among the guiding principles of the new frontiers that Aetna Group,with its business units, faces in order to keep stimulating the ì development of innovative technology on a large scale.


TECHLAB™ is the most advanced research laboratory system in the packaging sector, dedicated to continuous product and process development.

Aetna Group has invested in it with great strength and confidence and has created it, as first in the world, with the aim of experimenting the most suitable technological solutions,  optimizing the consumption of materials and guaranteeing maximum packaging safety.  

TechLab offers the possibility to scientifically verify the effectiveness of the packaging systems of palletized loads: in fact, inside the TechLab it is possible to carry out specific tests on the packaging in order to identify the best packaging solution so that the product arrives at its destination perfectly intact. Moreover, the reduced use of materials reduces costs and contributes to a lower environmental impact.

The scientific approach was achieved by providing the laboratory with the necessary equipment and developing a test method indicated by the reference standard that a European Directive considers useful to demonstrate the safety of transport. One of the most interesting aspects was to have gone beyond the verification of the safety of the packaging through its integrity, to assess, through the analytical processing of deformations, how many pallets can be safe for transport. 

Ultimately, measuring the repeatability of the system made up of the film and the packaging machine.

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