Aetna Group's Techlab, the network of laboratories for the research and optimisation of palletised load stabilisation, opens its doors to an important international meeting at its headquarters in Castel San Pietro (BO).

The appointment is part of the Europe TIMES programme, of which Aetna Group is an industrial partner, and has been an opportunity to show environment and machines to all the other protagonists of the project.

This is an ambitious and important project that involves testing communications systems beyond 5G, the fifth-generation technology standard for cellular broadband networks, currently the fastest existing system for data transmission.

During the meeting have been discussed various industrial cases as application examples of high-frequency transmission and possible technological evolutions.

The importance of the initiative is given by the fact that carefully selected prestigious European universities and companies have been involved: National Consortium Iter Universitaire for Telecommunications, Technische University of Braunschweig (Germany), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France), University of Stuttgart (Germany), Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), Huawei Technology (Germany), Anteral (Spain), Telenor Group (Norway) and Bi-rex (competence centre for Industry 4.0 in Bologna).

Aetna Group confirms its vision of an international group, which places the reasons for its growth and its way of doing business in innovation and research, alongside partners of absolute value.
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