Meypack is a technology leader appreciated mostly for the quality and innovative capacity of its end-of-line products mainly in the food, spirits and home & personal care sectors in Germany and at an international level.

This operation is part of Aetna Group strategic plan to grow externally, to establish a production presence in countries with a manufacturing vocation, and to expand the product range in the food and personal care sector. Meypack's internationalization will be further enriched by taking advantage of the presence of Aetna Group subsidiaries in the main countries of the world, so that Aetna Group will be able to increase its penetration in German-speaking markets.

Mr. Klaus Pekruhl, our partner, will take on the role of President of the Advisory Board, which he will join together with Valentina Aureli and Enrico Aureli, already partners and managing directors of Aetna Group. Harald Hermann will hold the role of co-general manager, together with Stefano Pascucci, who is already CFO of the Group.

Aetna Group Holding consolidates a 2021 turnover of 341 million, EBITDA equal to 46 million, 1670 employees, 13 subsidiaries, 3 production companies abroad (China, Brazil and USA) and 6 production companies in Italy (in the Packaging Valley, Emilia Romagna region).

In the picture (from left to right): Klaus Pekruhl, Lorenzo Gatti, Valentina Aureli, Alfredo Aureli, Enrico Aureli
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