Committed women, promoters of individual and collective development. Business women who successfully combine the responsibilities of their role with their personal lives: on the occasion of the centenary of International Women's Day, 8 March 2022, the Municipality of Rimini wished to award eight successful businesswomen who, thanks to their sensitivity and dedication to work and the community, were able to have vision and pragmatism, to propose and innovate, to look to the future with creativity. 

In Rimini City Hall, in the presence of Deputy Mayor Chiara Bellini, Valentina Aureli - CEO of Aetna Group - was chosen and awarded by Confindustria Romagna as an example of integration between professional and personal fulfilment, as a far-sighted figure at the helm of important international companies, capable of reconciling her convictions with her non-work aspirations.

“Every individual is the entrepreneur of his or her own life, both professional and family," Aureli commented during the award ceremony, "and it is up to everyone to commit themselves to expressing their talents in the best possible way."

Born in Rimini in 1972, the mother of two children, Valentina Aureli undertook a brilliant course of training and professional experience in the international financial sector, thus acquiring an evolved world view that has enabled her to manage the company and make it grow, with delegated responsibility for human resources and finance, in harmony with her brother Enrico, who is in charge of products and customers. 

"The emancipation of thought handed down to me by my family, my studies and my work in the big cities," added Aureli, "has enabled me to implement second-generation governance in the Aetna Group, with a strong propensity for growth and innovation, and third-generation governance in the SCM Group, which aims to create value”. 

Over the last twenty years, Valentina Aureli has led Aetna Group (with the Robopac and OCME brands) towards constant growth on a global level, both organically and through various strategic acquisitions in Italy and abroad, until the Group became one of the leading companies in the Packaging Valley. A result achieved starting from the values that have always distinguished the Aureli family's business activities: transparency, solidity, loyalty, passion, responsibility, rigor, innovation, teamwork and global vision. 

Valentina Aureli's recent entry into the board of SCM Group - a giant in the machinery sector for processing wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal and composites - makes her even more central in the Italian entrepreneurial scene.

“I have put into practice the precious and fundamental teachings of my father Alfredo Aureli, my grandfather Lanfranco Aureli, my uncles Adriano Celi and Adriano Aureli," Valentina Aureli stressed, "I have drawn energy and balance from my mother's emotional determination, together with the solidity of family and friendship”.

Values that for Valentina Aureli add up and amplify in her professional and personal life; precious tools to overcome difficulties and transform them into opportunities. 


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