High participation in the analysis that shows how innovation, partnership and leadership are the most appreciated aspects by Robopac dealers.
Excellent results emerged from the survey that Robopac received from Cerved_ON Marketing Services of Cerved Group, a company specialized in customer satisfaction activities, to assess the degree of satisfaction of its customers. Many selected dealers all over the world declared to be more than satisfied with the company's activities in all its aspects.
The 2020 analysis included both a qualitative and a quantitative phase and it  produced a very important and significant result. This result was especially relevantin sight of the current pandemic that has put the whole world under pressure, both in the social and economic-business aspects. Robopac has chosen to question itself and listen to the points of view of its dealers in a context of global uncertainty, in which every organizational aspect has been reviewed for new practical needs.
This was an opportunity to take operations In account, to better understand the relationship with customers, to recognize the source of satisfaction and where there is room for further improvement.
The main strengths are  the company's leadership, integrity and the strong spirit of innovation, which are characteristics that transversally embrace the management,relationship, and productive aspects, allowing Robopac to offer continuity even in this period of emergency.
This is a reason that fills the entire Robopac Machinery team with pride and satisfaction and that highlights the company's high propensity to transform changes into opportunities, in order to propose increasingly innovative and commercially valid solutions. All of our values have been applied on a model based on trust and mutual respect, which sees in Robopac a reference point and a partner, more than a simple supplier.
The attention on the products has obtained a very high opinion: innovation is identified in the quality, in the value of technologically optimized solutions, in the wide range of products and in the brand acknowledgement, which often are sign  of great reliability.
The interpersonal factor is one of the most important flagship of Robopac, whose reliability, availability, human closeness, continuity of relationship and high professionalism are recognized worldwide.
Robopac has obtained very high levels of satisfaction for the close relationship it is committed to maintain with its dealers.
The survey work carried out by Cerved_ON has, therefore, clearly highlighted the positive image of a solid and strong customer-oriented company, allowing Robopac to receive the CSA (Customer Satisfaction Audit) award. It also identified interesting hints for future developments and new paths to improvement, both of which strongly contribute to push Robopac's spirit of evolution.
In light of the completeness and complexity of the work carried out, the customer satisfaction experience proved to be very constructive for the company, which has declared its willingness to propose the survey periodically and to continue to monitor the level of satisfaction of its respondents, in order to identify new areas of improvement and to be ever more competitive on the market.

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