One tool, many possibilities. MyRobopac, the new Aetna Group Service portal for Robopac Machinery, Systems, Packers and Palletizers solutions, is now online.

A real e-commerce where the user receives complete assistance, starting from the ad-hoc profiling that, besides guaranteeing privacy, allows the best optimization of information according to the different types of need.
Once logged in with their exclusive credentials, the visitor has everything needed: detailed information on products, their availability and costs, full visibility on the conditions of sale, possibility to check the status of orders and to monitor the history of products. Everything is at your fingertips, from order fulfilment to delivery. These functionalities are not only linked to the purchase, but also dedicated offers and a specific section for an advanced assistance service ready to answer to any request.
MyRobopac, therefore, meets the evolutionary criteria of a company that has made the "glocal" philosophy its mission, while guaranteeing the same technological quality and the best customization of the offer all over the world.
One Global Company policy and tailor made approach are in fact the key values that have allowed Robopac to stand out at international level, guaranteeing a strong common identity to products and know-how, in a perspective of international propensity integrated with the local for local strategy that sees the presence of branches and production sites in the main global markets.
The testing phase that has just been completed brought more than satisfactory results: customers have been able to appreciate the reliability of the system and the ease of use thanks to a technological partnership that has allowed the development of a modern and advanced platform, that allows constant updating and improvement of functions.
The new portal represents the evolution of a process started with foresight already at the end of the 90s when Robopac launched the first spare parts website. With MyRobopac the upgrade of the service becomes interactive and global, merging the consulting and the customer centrality that for the company represents a core value.
Considering the social distance that we are called to respect today, through MyRobopac, the company wants to be even more present ensuring a service in line with the new mobility needs both local and global, practical and modern. Streamline the process of order management, to be even more effective on the market and close to the customer in such a particular time in history. This is a fully achieved goal that will certainly find new applications.

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