The changes that the pandemic has brought about in Italy’s social and economic fabric as well as in the rest of the world combine with a DNA made of relentless research, development and innovation. The result of a combination between change and innovation is REVOLUTION. And Revolution is actually the name of the Dealer Meeting that Robopac Machinery organised especially for its dealers, as an extremely effective digital event.
A dealer community of over 1,000 people from 150 countries watched the live presentation of the many interesting news that the San Marino-based business unit unveiled on simulcast all over the world. The acceleration towards automation – partly dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing need to keep the business running – helped push harder on digitisation and industry 4.0, bringing about new technology and extending the range of end-of-line solutions for the packaging industry.

Once again, Robopac has shown how effective a strategy aimed at gaining ground on the market through clear, well-organised goals, that the synergism with the dealers actually pinpointed in the best performing way, could be.

My most heart-felt thanks to all of you – Enrico Aureli, CEO of the Group, pointed out in his speech – who have kept bringing ROBOPAC across the world. And it is just because of your efforts that ROBOPAC has become ONE GLOBAL COMPANY, a company that can offer high-performance solutions for the packaging industry in every corner of the world, with a special focus on end-of-line technology and a great care for circular economy. For us, ONE GLOBAL COMPANY means a synergism of technology, innovation and sustainability […]. It is partly because of you that our payoff, “Innovation driven by values”, is effectively translated into a wide market share as well as into intensive, relentless Research and Development efforts, into responsibility and a passion for our job, into a greater awareness of being green […]. For all these reasons, even from a distance, I am pleased and most willing to tell you that we are and will always be a big FAMILY.”.
Robopac’s journey towards the development of its market share “began in 2016 – Gianluca Buschi, Sales and Marketing Manager, stated – when we targeted our strategy to pursuing continuity while also strengthening and adjusting it […]: the challenge was actually “jumping forward” by speeding up our growth. In 2017, we implemented the new strategy together, by “seeing first hand” the change that led us to grow […]. In 2018, we “led” the on-going change and last year, in 2019, we “shared” the change, by telling each other the success stories that each one of you developed and using them as “best practices”. Looking ahead, 2020 will be a new beginning, with a view to further revolutionising the market together”.

And as it is precisely in the product that the real REVOLUTION HAPPENED, so it is precisely the product that is at the centre of the 2020 Dealer Meeting.  
First and foremost, the ROBOT S7: the range of self-propelled packaging machines, the company’s symbol, reaches its seventh release and is fitted out with a Power Drive, the new technology implemented by Robopac for the management of all the controls of the S7 that the brand-new stretch-wrapping machines, the flagship of the PVS range, benefit from. And seven are also the key features that manage the assets of the brushless motors: no sliding electric contacts with brushes, no maintenance required, low noise, low consumption, constant torque, finely tuned speed and greatest reliability.
The horizontal range of ring solutions too has been dramatically renewed, with the launch of the innovative ORBIT R. Two are the keywords in the development of the new machine: SMART and EFFICIENT.
Orbit R is smart because it is connected, has advanced diagnostic systems, can be used to remotely configure the settings, but above all because it can be used to remotely configure the work cycle. This optimises efficiency, providing a superior performance and the option to wrap more products within a specific time.
But the revolution of the Robopac Machinery did not only affect the two traditional platforms, it also involved the production area with the launch of two new categories. The purpose is to develop solutions and technology that can be consistent with the established ranges, leading to growth within the usual business model.

So, we introduced INTEGRA, the AGV pallet mover by Robopac that can be matched with the Group’s entire range of automatic machines. Sustainable, versatile, safe and accurate, Integra is the connecting link between the last stage in the production process and the first stage of logistics, providing an effective answer to any kind of products.
The second category is a concrete answer to a growing awareness of sustainability and a concept of circular economy that, as Robopac and as a Group, is strongly pursued. That’s why RECYCLE, a compactor machine for recycling raw materials, was born. Actually, ReCycle compacts consumables, such as non-reusable empty cardboard boxes, reducing their volume by 70% and making them easier to carry around as well.

So, Robopac Machinery’s journey into the Dealer Meeting wanted to set an example of product innovation and passion, where the mix between products and people turns out to be a successful and highly motivating factor.
“This Team that works together does not end in the Robopac dimension, it is complemented by YOU, by your great enthusiasm for developing and improving the status of the Robopac brand. –
Federico Spallino, General Manager at Robopac Machinery, stated – There’s a goal that is very clear in our minds: working together for an even better, profitable and lasting market growth. Becoming a partner, and not just a supplier, is the choice and the tendency that paves the way to the best and fullest customer satisfaction: this is our journey”.

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