Faced with the uncertainties of a DIFFICULT historical period, Aetna Group is responding with strength and renewed enthusiasm, raising the bar of its objectives. 

After the positive signals coming from other international benchmark trade fairs, it is now the turn of Drinktec, the most important exhibition for the beverage and liquid food industry, scheduled from 12 to 16 September in Munich, Germany (five years after the last edition).
And it is here that Aetna Group intends to leave its mark, also because, for the first time, it will be presenting itself to the public at this event after the merger with OCME, a historic company from Parma (Italy): an operation that has doubled its weight on the market, making it the absolute reference point for the end of the line. Not only that. 

In mid-June, another big news was announced, further strengthening its technological offer and its presence in the German-speaking markets. This is the merge with Meypack, a historical brand of the German industry, leader in end-of-line packaging mainly for the food, spirits, home & personal care sectors, which brings as a dowry an important production facility in North Rhine-Westphalia. After this operation the number of production plants held abroad by the Aetna Group rises to 4: USA, Brazil, China and now Germany; another 6 are in Italy, in the Packaging Valley.

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At Drinktec (booth B5.501-502), the group will bring its best technologies to the fore to demonstrate live the quality and performance of its machines in a booth of ALMOST 1,000 square metres, the largest ever built:



At Drinktec history is repeating itself: here a very high speed end-of-line plant with a case packer that reaches 100 cartons per minute, robot palletiser, wrapping machine and internal logistics will be on show.

There will be space for the demonstration of real-time line monitoring systems thanks to a kind of control panel that detects line efficiency and suggests maintenance activities to be carried out with a view to preventing problems.

The medium-speed offering is an extremely compact line that combines shrink wrapping and palletising with combined Stretch-wrapping.

Amongst the semi-automatics, on the other hand, the two proposals are the Robot S7 and the Recycle compactor, a machine designed with sustainability in mind, which compacts consumables - such as empty, non-reusable cardboard boxes - and reduces their volume by up to 70%, also facilitating their transport. There is another novelty in the field of circular economy and that is the adoption on the winder of a pre-stretch carriage modified to handle coreless film reels: in this way it is possible to use the total amount of film on the reel without generating waste; furthermore, the film reel is lighter - while guaranteeing the same performance as standard reels - and, finally, there is no longer the problem of managing the disposal of the cardboard core. At Drinktec, 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled) stretch film will be used on the wrappers.

Also dedicated to beverages, an ultra-high-speed Genesis Thunder stand-alone wrapping machine will also be on show, capable of a production rate of more than 200 pallets per hour, the highest standard in the world to date. Thanks also to the patented Cube TechnologyTM, Genesis Thunder is a real concentration of technology, capable of achieving absolute level performance, both in terms of speed and material savings, as well as load stabilisation, which is fundamental for preventing damage that affects the quality of the final product and the resulting waste.

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