The new edition of CBST 2023 - China International Beverage Exhibition on Science and Technology, the biennial exhibition that will be held from April 7 to 9, 2023 at Shanghai, will be an outstanding showcase for the Chinese beverage industry.

Robopac and OCME, in Hall N1 - Booth 1F03, will be the protagonists of this important Chinese event, where the wide range of solutions developed by the Group to meet the needs of the beverage industry will offer an interesting technological overview to visitors to the exhibition.

Active since 2003 and now in its ninth edition, CBST has been widely acclaimed and has succeeded in making the exhibition a trendsetter for the Chinese and Asian markets, with the number of exhibitors and visitors growing steadily from one edition to the next, demonstrating its real interest and validity.

Robopac and OCME have been operating in the area for a long time with high-level performances thanks to the presence of their two branches, which allow them to register a business of over 30 million Euros in the Chinese area alone.

Robopac China, based in Shanghai, was founded in 2012, but its history dates back to the end of the 1980s, when the first trips to China and participation in the first trade fairs made it possible to establish those relationships of trust and esteem that are fundamental for the creation of a truly effective sales network. Since then, a conscious and constant growth has led to the implementation of a range of products which, from the core business of semi-automatics, has included increasingly advanced automatic technologies; from the commercial and assistance purposes, the headquarters has then been enlarged with a production unit intended for the assembly of components supplied by the parent company, and has led to the addition of new markets such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia and, recently, Malaysia.

The integration of OCME's subsidiary, OCME Jiaxing, located in the Zhejiang province of the People's Republic of China, has also given an important boost to development in China. Launched at the end of 2006 (although OCME had already been present there since the end of the 1970s) with the aim of producing fully automatic and cutting-edge palletizers for the local market, it now boasts more than 100 employees and an annual turnover in excess of CNY 100 million. This is also thanks to the new production facility inaugurated at the beginning of 2013, a 6000 sq.m. building divided into offices and workshop, with the mission of becoming the 1st supplier of packaging solutions for the end of the line for PET, cans and glass, acting as a sales and after-sales center for all the Group's technologies (both made in Italy and in China), with a complete offer of training and support for Asian countries.

The Beverage industry is the one that has benefited the most from Robopac and OCME technologies: in a geographical and political context with safety and transport regulations that are differently codified than in Italy, the Group has offered very high standards that have translated into extremely safe packaging solutions, both in terms of wrapping and wrapping and transportability.

With this vision in mind that CBST will also be an opportunity to present the new Gemini produced in China by OCME, a combined wrap-around and shrink-wrapping solution that offers an even more high-performance response to the growing needs of the market.


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