It's official: the anti-covid vaccine produced by the giant Pfizer has been approved by the American FDA - The Food and Drug Administration - as a weapon to fight the pandemic in the USA. The news was published by CBS News, the American radio and television broadcaster, an international reference for information, which, in the evening breaking news, announced that Pfizer and the government have established the shipment of 3 million frozen vaccines throughout the country.

Robopac, market leader in the end-of-line packaging sector, and Pfizer, its technological partner, contribute together to the development of proper solutions for the packaging of pharmaceutical products realized by the American giant, guaranteeing the safety of packaging and transport.
An operation of great importance, which sees once again Robopac among the protagonists of an industrial activity with a strong humanitarian value.

The collaboration between Robopac and Pfizer is based on a common philosophy which seeks the collective interest, according to a global vision, aimed at providing the maximum performance of its proposals and, at the same time, respect for the people and the environment

Ecoplat Plus, in fact, is the solution adopted by Pfizer for wrapping the doses of vaccines addressed to the distribution in the USA. It is a Turn Table for wrapping with the latest generation stretch film which guarantees high performance in terms of maximum protection of goods, thanks to its reliability, strength and ease of use.

In addition, the technologies of the Ecoplat, allow the use of the lower amount of necessary film to ensure the best product safety, reducing the impact of raw material used .
Robopac protects people and the environment, which are strictly connected elements, with continuous investments in innovation and technology.

The 4 TechLab present in the world are a proof of this. They want to develop the research to reduce the impact of plastic, with results that reach -60% of consumption and which guarantee full recyclability of materials.
Robopac commitment is to affirm its creed, which is being a One Global Company able to offer high performance packaging solutions in every corner of the world, with a particular focus on the end-of-line and an extreme attention to the circular-economy topics, combining technology, innovation and sustainability.
At the same time, the widespread presence on the international markets allows to foster the constant Research & Development activity, according to a "tailor made" criterion, which meets the most specific needs of each market and each customer. Responsibility and passion are the characterizing elements of Robopac, together with the increasing attention to sustainability, that represents a primary value for the company.
In this perspective, Robopac is once again pleased to be part of a process that sees people and his protection at the center of interest, countering the devastating effects that Covid-19 has generated globally, also thanks to its technologies.

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