The biggest international event dedicated to logistics and transport is about to begin: from 28 to 31 March, the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta will host Modex 2022, the international reference exhibition for the manufacturing industry and supply chain. 

This year's event will feature more than 850 suppliers from around the world and will display the most innovative solutions for automated process control and new technologies dedicated to product handling and storage. 
More than 100 educational seminars are planned, as well as opportunities to evaluate solutions in the exhibition area. 

Among the excellences of the sector, Robopac and OCME will also be present, reference companies of the Aetna Group, a globally recognized reality for its wide range of products dedicated to packaging. Ready to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products, Robopac and OCME will be exhibiting portable and flexible end-of-line packaging solutions, demonstrating the benefits of reduced film consumption, reduced labour and the damage to transported products. 

With three sites in the US, the two companies will offer all attendees the opportunity to learn more about their technologies and answer visitors' questions on topics such as packaging, palletizing and logistics. At stand B1213, therefore, three machines of Robopac and OCME production will be on show: two linked to the packaging of goods and one dedicated to internal logistics. 

Starting with Robot S7, the new range of self-propelled packaging devices by Robopac Machinery. These technological solutions offer greater packaging autonomy and working flexibility thanks to safety systems designed internally by the company. The stretch film allows to wrap and stabilize palletized loads of any shape, size and weight. The innovations in this case are the easy film insertion system (called ILS) and the Power Drive technology, which allows the latter to be controlled with extreme precision, guaranteeing perfect pre-stretching and reduced consumption.

The other interesting technology on show will be the Rotoplat 708. This turntable machine, designed for wrapping products vertically with stretch film, is offered in different configurations in order to meet a wide range of needs. 

On the internal logistics front, OCME will play a leading role with LGVs, the well-known range of laser-guided vehicles for product handling. These vehicles perform the same tasks assigned to a forklift truck with a human operator: by positioning reflecting mirrors inside the premises, LGVs are able to move following a reference grid for their orientation, without the need for a fixed or mobile structure installed on the ground for their use. LGVs are diverse and integrate perfectly into any industrial or end-of-line layout. 

Robopac and OCME are therefore ready to fly overseas, to share and make known to the whole world the technological innovation that has always distinguished them, placing this reality at the top of their reference market. 



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