From May 3 to 4, 2022, IPACK-IMA, the reference exhibition for packaging and processing, will attract thousands of visitors from a wide range of industrial sectors every day. An opportunity to meet, discuss and evaluate live-action the technological solutions best suited to everyone’s needs. 

Robopac and OCME will be present, together with all the BUs of Aetna Group, in a very large exhibition area where they will be able to offer an exclusive service: personalized demos and specialized consultancy on the entire range on show, from automated solutions to semi-automatics for secondary packaging, from palletizing systems to shrink wrappers and laser-guided vehicles designed to meet all market requirements. 

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Our presence at IPACK-IMA will be yet another opportunity to put into practice the cohesion and variety of an international Group that sees technological innovation and sustainable progress as the reasons for its growth and its way of doing business. A single Group that globally stands for the same quality standards, the same values and a constant focus on the customer.  


The stand at the fair has been designed with two sections that will present, through the simulation of a real production line, the functions of the technologies and their integrations: on the one hand, the world of automated solutions and, on the other, those of semi-automatic machines

With regard to automated processes and, more specifically, integrated logistics, it will be possible to get proof of an end-of-line consisting of the automatic wrapper Helix Max and the laser-guided vehicle from the Auriga series, together with highly advanced systems for the automated storage of pallets containing mixed packs. 

Robopac takes a further step forward in providing its customers with a system for monitoring, collecting, processing and storing data with the new Edge Computing service, a new tool that will be previewed at #IpackImadigital with a demo on the Helix Max.
Through the Edge Computing system, we are able to process information from our machines so that we have a history of data useful for performance analysis and diagnostics.

Another compact and automated end-of-line, dedicated to palletizing and wrapping the product, will be composed of three technologies that together will occupy less than 100 square meters: Dimac Nova for wrapping trays, together with Palwrapp, the innovative pallettizer with simultaneous wrapping and very high performance. A few meters away, it will be possible to come across the Wrap Around 20, a compact stand-alone case packer that will demonstrate the process with packages containing dry food such as rice. 

Along the exhibition path, we will move on to semi-automatic systems, ideal for those approaching the world of industrial automation. In particular, an end-of-line for the entry level will be presented as follows: Superbox 6 HD for the automatic formation of cardboard boxes with manual product insertion. Robotape 50 CFA for top wrapping, which, together with the collaborative Cobot technology - robotic arms designed to work in close contact with operators without harming them - will carry out the palletizing work. The Rototech CW 708 PVS wrapper, designed to handle particularly unstable loads, together with Integra, the Natural Navigation guidance system vehicle, will complete the end-of-line. 

Visitors will be able to see first-hand various packaging solutions, including Robot S7, the range of self-propelled packaging devices with high packaging autonomy and Stop&Go function for immediate stop in the presence of obstacles and automatic restart, the Orbit R9 horizontal wrapping machine, to be associated with work cells or integrated lines, and the Combitech shrink wrapping machine, capable of offering great precision in the packaging of the various articles, as well as practicality and safety for the operator. 

In addition to designing high-performance solutions, Aetna Group is constantly committed to developing technologies that can also be sustainable, proposing environmentally friendly and eco-friendly solutions. This is evidenced by a section of the stand entirely dedicated to sustainability where Recycle, a system for immediate compaction and disposal of waste materials, and the turntable for packaging product – Paper - will be presented. The latter technology will use paper instead of plastic film as a wrapping material and will be presented as one of the most exciting innovations in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. This solution is part of a wider project in which the Group is already involved in the development of applications using recycled or compostable film for packaging and load stabilization. 

Robopac and OCME, together with all the Group's BUs, will play the leading role at IPACK-IMA 2022, in an international event that is ready to restart and bring together completely new ideas and solutions for a real ecological transition for the benefit of everyone.

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