Join the digital event that allows to connect customers and manufacturers in a practical, active and immediate way. 

Robopac, OCME and Toptier will be together online to meet customers and visitors in our virtual booth, where experts will be at your complete disposal through Live Chats showing all the news over our range solutions:


Mon, November 9 – 10:45 AM - 11:00 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Pack2Green: the plastic-free solution to pack cans at high speed

Polaris is the new innovative packaging machine developed by OCME to meet the increasingly frequent market demand for packaging with fully recyclable materials.

ith this NEW solution, OCME provides its customers with green packaging called “Pack2green” which is a 100% fully recyclable green basket pack.

It maintains the performance achievable with packers that use film with a carton flaps, totally royalty-free, while providing a high marketing printing area.

OCME, in addition to offering the packaging designed to be developed through Polaris, is also available to listen to your needs unique to each customer, both in terms of material and packaging compliance.

Polaris is the link between a traditional tray and a cluster machine.

The products - in this case cans, but the same concept is also applicable to PET, bricks and many other applications.

At 120,000 case per minute, Polaris has been designed to cover entirely and without limitations the production of the fastest lines in the world.

Polaris was designed to receive automated die cuttings to avoid continuous and exhausting work for the operators.

Tue, November 10 – 11:00 AM - 11:15 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Altair 100: the fastest wrap-around case packer in the world by OCME

Are you looking for speed and efficiency?

See how at 100 cartons per minute, the Altair HT will be the world's fastest wrap-around cartoning machine.

High speed, high efficiency and high capacity magazine combined to produce a compact and tight carton. Technical experts on hand to answer your questions as we demonstrate products from various product sectors including edible oil, lube oil and beverage.


Helix Max Integra NEW S7 Robopac Packers Range


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