Venga y visítenos en el Hall 5.1/ Booth C040 B049 para experimentar nuestras tecnologías de primera mano y hablar con nuestros expertos sobre las soluciones de embalaje, paletización, envoltura y logística interna adecuadas para su negocio.


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The new appointment with Anuga FoodTec 2022, the most important event for the international food & beverage industry that will take place in Cologne (Germany) from 26 to 29 April 2022, is about to start.

A dual-track meeting - in presence and with the online extension Anuga [email protected] - whose watchword is innovation, presented transversally in all the occasions of meeting and exhibitions, to create the right interconnection between research and design of cutting-edge solutions for the entire supply chain: from process to filling and packaging technology, from food safety and packaging materials to digitalization and intralogistics.

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The names of Robopac and OCME are among the reference players for their ability to translate a consolidated and constantly implemented know-how into extremely performing and competitive solutions, capable of fully interpreting the real needs of the food industry. 

The Group will be present at Hall 5.1 - Booth C040 B049, where the various proposals developed by the Aetna Group's business units will demonstrate how packaging safety can be achieved by responding to the needs of an increasingly dynamic and fast-paced market, where technological customization goes hand in hand with the automation and digitalization of systems and of the entire process.


The TCS Prasmatic series of packaging machines - by Robopac Packers - represents the right synergy between reliability, quality, hygiene and the need to support a high number of packaging solutions. With their extremely compact dimensions, all the packaging machines of the TCS Prasmatic range are characterized by ergonomics, modularity, flexibility and user-friendliness and prove to be also an excellent ally in the food and dairy sector.

This packaging functions are also expressed by the Wrap Around 20, produced by Sotemapack: case packers for speeds of up to 20 strokes/minute, are equipped with alternating operation and are distributed on the market with various configurations, including the combined version (Tray +Film).

Compact and modular is also Robopac Packers' new range of palletizers, Palwrapp, which is one of a kind in its genre because it combines palletizing and wrapping technology in a single machine with an extremely compact footprint.

OCME's Auriga family, on the other hand, is responsible for logistics: highly reliable laser-guided vehicles that combine ease of implementation and operational flexibility in a single solution. The Auriga S-Forklift model with fixed forks, ideal for transporting pallets that are not excessively heavy from inside the factory to small warehouses, is the new model on show at the fair. Agile, easy to install and equipped with the same output as a forklift truck, the new Auriga S-Forklift provides a good level of automation to warehouses, increasing the safety and traceability of products.

Among the latest generation of solutions offered by the Robopac Machinery business unit is the self-propelled Robot S7 packaging machine, with high packaging autonomy and flexibility in processing thanks to safety systems designed in-house. 

In terms of values, Robopac also cares a lot about sustainability, as demonstrated by the numerous activities within the group and applied to technological development. 

ReCYCLE is one of the latest responses, in terms of time, to the circular economy: a machine for compacting and reducing the volume of packaging waste materials by up to 70%. A solution in line with the Group's constant investments in terms of reducing environmental impact and promoting new forms of business.

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