1. Data treatment objectives and methods.
  2. Obligatory or optional provision of data and consequences of a refusal to respond.
  3. Persons or categories of persons capable of obtaining or becoming acquainted with personal data, in the capacity of persons responsible for or in charge of the treatment and disclosure of this data.
  4. Rights of the individual concerned. Identification details of the person and, if required, of the person responsible for the treatment. Indication of the modalities for easy access to the updated list of responsible persons.

This declaration contains the norms and directives with which Aetnagroup S.p.A. complies, in relation to the treatment of personal data for the users of the website
As the website is under construction and is hosted on Italian territory, its Users' data and information will be treated by Aetnagroup S.p.A in compliance with the Italian norms transposing directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC of the Parliament and European Council, namely pursuant to leg. dec. June, 30, 2003 no. 196 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Data treatment objectives and methods.

Aetnagroup S.p.A. informs its Users that the data collected will only be used for the purposes indicated below and to keep them posted regarding news, discounts, competitions and general activities concerning Aetnagroup S.p.A.
Aetnagroup S.p.A will use the collected data to:
a) execute the contracts for the purchase or the provision of goods or services;
b) perform direct marketing activities, also through the sending of newsletters, MMS , SMS or other means;
c) market research or other important research for the improvement of products or services.
The collected data can be treated in paper or electronic format and will always be protected by appropriate safety systems, which are constantly updated and kept in safe and supervised premises.
To treat this data, Aetnagroup S.p.A. will keep to what has been provided for by the Antitrust Authority with the general authorisation measure no. 2/2007 and subsequent amendments and additions. In this case, the consent of the person concerned will be submitted in writing, by means of the designated form that he/she will receive when the service is activated.

Obligatory or optional provision of data and consequences of a refusal to respond.

Providing personal data is optional, unless it has to be used in order to execute a contract or serviced requested by the User. In this case, the refusal to provide personal data does not enable Aetnagroup S.p.A to execute the task received.
Aetnagroup S.p.A may also make the treatment of personal data obligatory, in order to send newsletters to allow the individual concerned to take part in commercial initiatives.

Persons or categories of persons capable of obtaining or becoming acquainted with personal data, in the capacity of persons responsible for or in charge of the treatment and disclosure of this data.

The personal data entered by the User will only be known to and used by Aetnagroup S.p.A. personnel, to execute the activities requested (e.g.: purchase contracts, contracts for service provisions or newsletters). The data may be communicated to the bodies which control, are controlled by and/or are linked to Aetnagroup S.p.A. in Italy and in European and non-European countries, on condition that the country where the data is destined or passes through has a set of rules guaranteeing sufficient protection of those persons. Appropriateness will be assessed by comparing the systems of the foreign country in question with those in place in Italy.
The data may also be communicated to providers of electronic communication services, banks, financial intermediaries, credit institutions, other funding bodies, centralised computer system operators (credit and anti-fraud bureaus etc.), insurance offices, advisers, freelancers assisting Aetnagroup S.p.A. for the recovery of credit and settling of disagreements, companies providing packaging and purchase delivery services or organising post-delivery and commercial information, research bodies or companies, non-profit associations or foundations.

Rights of the individual concerned. Identification details of the person and, if required, of the person responsible for the treatment. Indication of the modalities for easy access to the updated list of responsible persons.

The body in charge of and responsible for the treatment of the data collected is Aetnagroup S.p.A. , with headquarters in Italy, Via Verdi, S.P. Marecchia, 59 47826 Villa Verucchio (RN), who the individuals concerned can contact in writing to exercise the rights sanctioned by art. 7 of leg. dec. 196/2003, namely to: 1) know the origin of the personal data, the treatment objectives and methods, the logic applied when the treatment is performed with electronic instruments; the data of the person responsible for the treatment and the persons or categories of persons capable of obtaining or becoming acquainted with personal data; 2) obtain data updates, rectification and integration, the deletion or transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data treated that infringes the law, including data that does not need to be stored for the purpose for which it has been collected and treated, the declaration that the requested operations have been made known to those who have obtained personal data, also concerning their content, unless this is impossible or would entail using means which go beyond the respect of protected rights; 3) object, for rightful reasons, to the treatment of personal data, even if it pertains to the objective for its collection, or to the treatment of personal data for the delivery of direct sales or advertising material or for research related to market and commercial communication.
At the date of publication of the contents of this site, no person responsible for the treatment has been appointed. When Aetnagroup S.p.A. makes these appointments, the updated list of responsible persons will be available in this section on the website.

Conditions of use

The website (the "Site") is managed by Aetnagroup S.p.A. (the Administrator). The Administrator is an Italian company based in Via Verdi, S.P. Marecchia, 59 47826 Villa Verucchio (RN) , F.C. and VAT no.  02691590406 – REA PU n. ##REA## –  Reg. Company Rimini no. ##NUMREGIMPRESE## – Cap.Soc. € ##CAPSOC## i.v

The Administrator provides services via the internet for the collection, storage, organisation, processing and treatment of data, including personal data, within a database accessible from the Internet through the Site ("The Database").

The contents and conditions of the treatment of the Site Users' personal data are available in the PRIVACY POLICY.

A part of the data collected, stored and processed on the Site concerns the personal data of the User and his/her aims, evaluated through a specific questionnaire.

The conditions and terms indicated below apply to the whole Site and represent, together with any page or document they refer to, the basic conditions according to which the Administrator allows for use of the Site.
Accessing the Site is only possible after having carefully read and accepted the Site Conditions of Use ("Conditions"). Using the Site implies total acceptance of the Conditions. If the User does not wish to accept these Conditions, he/she may not access the Site.


  • You can access many sections of this Site without having to sign up. Other sections, on the contrary, require signing up on behalf of the User. By accessing any section of this Site, the User implicitly accepts and adheres to all terms and conditions of use specified in the Conditions.
  • The Administrator may modify the terms and conditions indicated below, at any time, by simply updating this page containing legal notices. Therefore, we suggest that those who are interested check the updated version of these Conditions. We also inform you that some terms or conditions indicated below could be waived or superseded by specific provisions indicated in other sections of the Site.


  • Unless that which is provided for by these Conditions or other sections of this Site are modified, the Administrator and his/her licensors hold all copyrights, intellectual or industrial property rights or any other rights in any content or section of the Site. These works are protected by local laws and by international treaties and the rights to these are expressly reserved. Any use of the contents of this Site which is not expressly permitted by these Conditions is forbidden. If any one of these Conditions is breached, the Administrator may block access to the Site and request the immediate return or destruction of any material printed or downloaded from the Site.
  • The User may print or download some extracts from the Site for personal use only, on condition that:


    • no document or graphic element of the Site is modified in any way;
    • no graphic element of the Site is used separately from the relative text;
    • the copyright and registered trademark declarations are attached to each copy taken from the Site, together with the mention of this licence.
    • Any copy, in printed or digital form, of the material printed or downloaded from the Site cannot be modified in any way, and the use of images, photos, videos, audio clips, graphic elements or other material is prohibited for purposes other than that of the text or the credits (certification of copyright) they refer to.
    • The position of the Administrator and person/s indicated by him/her, must be qualified as the author of the material posted on the Site.
    • Without prejudice to point 2.2, no part of the Site can be reproduced or archived on any other website or incorporated into any system of storage, information search or services provision, without the Administrator's prior written consent.
    • Any other rights or authorisations not mentioned here are expressly reserved.


  •  The Administrator will do all that he/she reasonably can to render the Site continually available, in accordance with market viability standards. However, if for any reason the Site is only available for certain periods, the Administrator will not be held responsible.
  • Access to the Site can be temporarily suspended, even without prior notice, in case of system errors, assistance or maintenance requirements, or for any other reason which goes beyond the reasonable control of the Administrator.
  • The User is personally responsible for the activation and maintenance of all agreements and services, which allow for access to the Site.


  • The Administrator will treat the User's data according to the Privacy Policy. By using the Site, the User consents to the uses described therein and guarantees that the data provided is accurate.
  • With the exception of personal data which will be treated according to the points indicated above, any material, content etc. transmitted to or inserted into the Site will be considered non-confidential and not owned by the User.
  • Subsequently, the Administrator is exempt from any obligation concerning this information and material and will be allowed to acquire their copy and to transmit, disclose or use these materials for commercial or other purposes.
  • The User undertakes not to insert into or transmit from the Site any material that is:


    • considered intimidating, libellous, indecent, mutinous, offensive, pornographic, illicit, racist, discriminatory, threatening, scandalous, blasphemous, harmful to obligations of secrecy and privacy or that can bother or harm; or
    • for which the necessary licences and approvals have not been obtained; or
    • that represents or incites forms or crime, which may constitute grounds for others' responsibility, that violates the law, public order and morality or that infringes the rights of a third party elsewhere in the world; or
    • that causes damage (including and without limitations to computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, faulty parts, corrupted data or other software including harmful and dangerous content).
  • The User cannot abuse the Site (including, for example, hacking).
  • The Administrator will closely cooperate with public authorities in charge of the investigations and will abide by any order from the judge requiring or ordering him/her to disclose the culprit's identity or to identify the persons responsible for transmitting or inserting material, which does not conform to that which has been indicated above.


  • Each subscription to the Site is valid for one User only. Any identification code, password, username and the likes, constitute part of safety systems and procedures activated by the Administrator to protect the system and the data stored on the Site. For this reason, they cannot be disclosed to anyone, not even within a determined group. The Administrator may deactivate the identification code, password and/or username related to any Site User, should the Administrator unquestionably state that there has been a violation of any one of these Conditions.
  • The responsibility for privacy and the use of the password is the exclusive property of the User and he/she assumes any kind of associated risk.
  • The User's personal data will be treated in compliance with the information submitted and accepted during subscription.


  • Links to third party websites on the Site are only proposed to facilitate the Site User. If he/she uses them, the User leaves the Site. The Administrator has not inspected the websites which are linked from the Site and does not control and is not responsible for how these sites are managed, for their content and their availability. In view of that, the Administrator does not guarantee or declare anything in relation to them or to the material that can be recovered from them, or to any result that can be obtained through using them. If the User decides to access them via the link on the Site, he/she does it under his/her own responsibility and at his/her own risk.
  • If the User wishes to create his/her own link to the Site, he/she can do so only if an effective link to the Site homepage is created, if the content of the Site is not copied and on condition that:
  • The sizes and features of the Aetnagroup S.p.A. brand and logo have not been deleted, misshapen or altered in any way;
  • no frame has been created and no browser or setting around the Site have been inserted;
  • this link does not mean that the Administrator is promoting products or services to third parties, even indirectly;
  • he/she does not try to represent, not even through the back door, any form of relationship between the Administrator and User and does not try to spread false, distorted or biased information concerning the Administrator;
  • does not try to use any brand or logo reproduced on the Site without the Administrator's prior written consent;
  • this link has not been created by a website which is not managed by the User;
  • {639 }the User's website does not contain disgusting, offensive or controversial contents, harmful to any intellectual property right or to any other third party right, or that somehow infringe norms, regulations, public order or morality.
  • The Administrator may revoke, at any time, the User's right to create a link to the Site, or to take any other measure deemed necessary or appropriate if any of the above-mentioned terms is violated.
  • The User will have to indemnify the Administrator for any loss or damage suffered by the latter, resulting from the violation of any of the above-mentioned conditions.


  • The Administrator will do all that he/she can in order to ensure that information posted on the Site is always correct. However, he/she cannot guarantee in any way that the data on the Site is accurate and complete. The Administrator can modify, at any time and without prior notice, the Site and its contents, namely the modification of the description of the products and/or services and also their prices. It is understood that the Administrator is not obliged to update the material posted on the Site.
  • All that is posted on the Site is produced without any guarantee, condition or other. Likewise, outside of the limitations required by law, the Administrator allows the User to access the Site on condition that no declaration, guarantee, condition or other becomes effective. These include, without any limitations: implied quality warranties, the appropriateness for the proposed use and the respect of diligence of the family father or the qualified appropriateness of the professional which may have consequences on the contents of this Site, except for that which is excluded from this condition.


  • Liability does not lie with the Administrator or any other party acting on behalf of him/her (no matter if he/she was in charge of the design, creation, maintenance or implementation of the Site), or any other company belonging to the Administrator's group, or their managers, directors, employees, partners or representatives, for any sum or any type of damage caused by the User or by any third party (including, by way of example and not limited to, any direct, indirect or current damage, loss of profit, damage to goodwill, loss of data, contractual and non-contractual damage, revaluation, interests  or other, resulting from or linked to the activity interruption, including omission or negligence, depending on the contractual or non-contractual responsibility), which results somehow from Site activity or linked to the use, impossibility to use or to Site results, or from any other website linked to the Site or from the material on these websites, including, without limitations, the loss and damage owing to viruses likely to affect the User's electronic equipment (PCs or other), software, data or other properties for access to, use or browsing of the Site on behalf of the User, or for the download of material from the Site or from other websites linked to the Site.
  • This limitation of liability will not supersede the limitations required by law, namely for wilful intent or serious or gross negligence.


  • The User assumes any burden and responsibility for the possible adjustment of their own hardware, software or other, as well as for any repairs, maintenance or correction, necessary to use the services provided by this Site.


  • These conditions are governed by Italian law.
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