Two Robopac wrappers installed at the Newton Centre (Malaysia)

During the Interpack 2017 show, Robopac sealed an agreement with Malaysian R&D institute the Newton Centre for the supply of two wrappers with full-optional packages (Genesis Cube 750 Nip/Tuck & Helix Evo TPM), both featuring Cube Technology™ and the R-Connect system.
After long and careful consideration, in which Robopac was scrutinised against the world's leading wrapper manufacturers, Newton chose the former, as both companies share similar strategic visions. This outcome demonstrates the uniqueness of Robopac's technology expertise within the industry and its unparalleled passion for continuous innovation.
The two Robopac wrappers will be installed in the research lab located in Penang, Malaysia, and will be used - following careful analysis with dedicated laboratory equipment - to provide customers with the most appropriate solution to ensure proper stabilisation of palletised loads.
This eco-friendly solution increases stability while also cutting packaging costs.
Thanks to this prestigious name, Robopac has strengthened its position in the Asian market, making it the go-to company for any major industrial concern needing to stabilise loads and optimise wrap use.
Once again, therefore, Robopac has proved itself to be the world's leading technology partner for the comprehensive supply of advanced end-of-line machinery and solutions.
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