AETNA GROUP sets out to be a global leader in the field of packaging solutions by focusing on innovation and creating added value for customers, as well as a benchmark company in terms of quality and profitability.

Innovation is achieved by constantly investing in people and production plants, developing in-company technologies - thus acquiring greater knowledge and skills - and enhancing corporate culture, which is crucial in order to successfully meet market requirements. This is why the Group has decided to invest more than 6% of its turnover in research, innovation and training. 

AETNA GROUP has always considered its customers as one of its top priorities: becoming a partner, rather than just a supplier, is a step further which highlights the company's inclination to ensure full customer satisfaction. This leading role was achieved by focusing on several aspects, such as great respect for customers, innovation combined with reliability, technical support, and spare parts made available in major markets.

AETNA GROUP is optimistic about the future and is aware of the new challenges that it will have to face and overcome. As a matter of fact, the company's motto is "Striving to do what we already do well even better". In order to achieve this goal, the Group has set up a management team with excellent managerial skills, capable of operating at strategic times, rapidly dealing with business-related issues and with the organisational changes to be made. The Group's winning strategy is to ensure consistency and continuity for a strategic approach to business. 

As part of this approach, the Group is currently making substantial investments in collaboration with major consulting firms to streamline production processes (Lean production) and management processes (SAP), with the aim to improve productivity and support competitiveness while generating profits to implement development plans.

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