Logimat 2020

March 10, 2020 - The most advanced technologies for intralogistics and processing are the core of LogiMAT, the referential fair for the sector that will take place from 10 to 12 March in Stuttgart, at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center.
Constantly evolving markets, increasingly global visions and smart factories: is what LogiMAT proposes as a collector to relate innovation and know-how, offering an overview capable of guaranteeing process optimization and cost reduction of logistics processes, with valuable performances both from a production, efficiency and energy saving point of view.
Robopac and OCME embrace this opportunity for discussion and exchange and bring to Stand EO49 all the experience and innovation gained in the design and implementation of concept solutions in the fully automated logistics segment, completing the group's overall range offer of the end of the line for packaging.
The main input comes from innovation, one of the most important missions of the Robopac and OCME group, and this has been based on the development of an efficient and cutting-edge system for logistics, which aligns with the evolution of the sector in key 4.0.
AGVManager 4.0 is the new supervision and traffic management tool for LGV laser guided automatic vehicles, whose OCME is a leading international manufacturer. This innovative software provides internal handling and logistics solutions, capable of creating fully connected and flexible "intelligent factories", with a high degree of efficiency and fully automated. In this way, all data at each stage of the process are perfectly monitored and stored in real time, responding to the needs of a Smart Factory.
Innovation also guides the entire technological evolution of the Group: Robopac's CUBE TECHNOLOGY ™ is one of the best examples of evolution that looks at the process, optimizing investments and performances. CUBE TECHNOLOGY ™, in fact, allows the best stabilization of the load without damaging the products especially in the corners, thereby reduce the costs of the film and improve the protection of the load.
Each process and technology solution that looks to the future has an exclusive development site: it’s about the TECHLAB ™, the most advanced research laboratory system in the sector capable of proposing new standards that today only the Robopac Group can guarantee.
The main objective of the TechLab ™ laboratories is to allow all the Group's solutions to be tested and to offer customers the possibility of scientifically verify the effectiveness of the palletized load packaging systems, guaranteeing the highest standards of stability and integrity of the load, with lower consumption of packaging materials and consequent reduction of costs and environmental impact. In this way, it is possible to design the new generation of integrated solutions between the palletizing and wrapping areas, with customized packaging processes adapted to the specific needs of the load.
The collaboration between Robopac and OCME also allows to oversee the international markets with extreme punctuality, thanks to a "local for local" approach made possible by the various branches and after-sales service centers in the various areas. The customer care service is of great importance for the Group, thanks to it they can follow the needs of each customer based on individual product and handling needs.
TechLab ™ also follows the "local for local" policy with locations in the main international offices of the Robopac Group. Among these, the German branch in Stuttgart also boasts the presence of the laboratory, allowing its customers personalized and high-level consultancy.
Robopac and OCME meet customers and visitors from 10 to 12 March at LogiMAT-Stuttgart Trade Fair Center Stand EO49, Stuttgart (Germany).
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