Aetna UK/Robopac and OCME UK announce the merger of their UK and Irish operations

Following the acquisition of OCME SRL in May 2019 by Aetna Holding SpA, the UK trading entities will be merged into one operating entity effective 1 January 2021.

The two companies currently operate in different markets and sectors.

Once the merge is complete, it will allow the companies to operate from one common platform and cross-sell to an array of clients and markets as well as provide comprehensive end to end turn-key solutions.
OCME has been a market leader in the manufacture of packaging machinery across soft drinks, water, breweries, spirits, food, tissue, edible oil sectors for the last 65 years.
OCME’s UK subsidiary has been operating its commercial and service operations from Kingsclere for the over 30 years.
Mark Dicken the existing General Manager of OCME UK will manage the new combined group under the Aetna UK banner, while Pier Fregonese will lead finance and legal operations.
OCME UK service and spares will remain under the stewardship of Chris Sharp.
Should you have any questions or queries, please contact:
Mark Dicken General Manager : mdicken@robopac.com - mark.dicken@ocme.com
Chris Sharp Service Manager - OCMEchris.sharp@ocme.com
Andrew Barker Service Manager – Robopacabarker@robopac.com
Piergiuseppe Fregonese Finance Managerpfregonese@robopac.com

How will this affect customers?

OCME UK business will be amalgamated into the Aetna UK entity.
There will be no change to service, and spares support and contractual conditions remain unaffected.

Existing contracts will be transferred to Aetna UK Limited with no modifications to terms and conditions.

Product and service insurance coverage remains unchanged. OCME UK Finance activities will be merged into Aetna UK.

From the 18th of December 2020 all Purchase Orders for OCME related Spares, Services and Modifications should be placed in the name of Aetna UK Ltd based at:

Aetna UK Ltd 
Unit 7 & 8 Highfield Parc
Highfield Road, Oakley
Bedford MK43 7TA

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