More energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs and, above all, more rational use of the film are the main features of the Genesis HS 50/2 ROBOPAC SISTEMI presented at Drinktec 2013 in Munich.
Like all machines the ROBOPAC SISTEMI rotating ring machines, the new Genesis has no sliding electrical contacts between the fixed and movable parts of the machine, with immediate benefits on the efficiency of labor and the cost of spare parts and maintenance. The elimination of traditional brushes eliminates the risk of interruption of the current flow for deposit of dirt on the rings of conductive material. A further recovery of efficiency is achieved thanks to the wireless mode of communication between the control panel and the management system placed on the machine.
The big news of the machine presented at Drinktec is certainly the replacement of the batteries with supercapacitors. Also in this case the innovation is gone in the direction of improving the performance and reduce the cost of the final customer. The adoption of the supercapacitor means much lower charging times, no loss of efficiency over the years, zeroing of chemical pollutants and the related costs of disposal, recycling and energy saving, lasting more than 15 years, and charging time record, only 4 seconds.
Not last, the maximum efficiency in the use of the film, that the machine is able to apply in the exact amount, only in the points in which it serves, with the necessary stretch and with the containment force from time to time more suitable to the load and the palletization scheme. This is one of the characteristics that make the ROBOPAC SISTEMI Cube Technology , now available across all the company's range, the only solution on the market that combine cost efficiency and total load stability.
In numbers, this means a film savings between 30 and 55%, a reduction in product damage by 40% and almost a half impact on the environment and on the production of wastes.
Non ultima, la massima efficienza nell’utilizzo del film, che la macchina è in grado di applicare nell’esatta quantità, solo nei punti in cui serve, con il prestiro necessario e con la forza di contenimento di volta in volta più adatta al carico e allo schema di pallettizzazione. È questa una delle caratteristiche che fanno della Cube Technology di Robopac Sistemi, ora disponibile su tutta la gamma dell'azienda, l’unica soluzione sul Mercato in grado di coniugare efficienza nei costi e totale stabilità del carico. In numeri, significa un risparmio di film tra il 30 e il 55%, una riduzione dei danni del prodotto del 40% e un impatto quasi dimezzato sull’ambiente e sulla produzione di scarto.
These features make the Genesis HS 50/2 the "Ferrari" of the industry, a true investment in efficiency andperformance capable of making a difference in business.

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