The responsibility of a leading Group is not only that of meeting market requirements with the best products and services, but also building a strong and recognised business Culture. That is why AETNA GROUP set out to pave the way for identification procedures and the sharing of business Values. The result of all of this hard work acts as an "identity card" characterising the entire Group, allowing it to speak one language and to ensure that all stakeholders have an honest and reliable partner.
In 2014, AETNA GROUP created a book of values containing ten keywords: Transparency, Heritage, Integrity, Responsibility, Technology, Innovation, Passion, Respect, Overview, Teamwork. These are the values that guide us each and every day. Each of these value is not only a statement of principles, but translates into consistent actions in everyday life, inside and outside of the company.
But this is not enough. To test  itself, AETNA GROUP  subjected itself to the SMETA certification (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), a strict and rigorous audit  assessing ROBOPAC SISTEMI, DIMAC and PRASMATIC against four important profiles: Labour Standard; Health & Safety; Environment & Business Integrity; conformity of conditions and working practices in relation to the Ethical Trading Initiative.
The headquarters and company procedures were deeply scrutinised by the inspectors from the Bureau Veritas, a worldwide leader in control, verification and certification services for quality, health and safety. The audit process concluded in May 2013 with the important acknowledgement, proving that for AETNA GROUP Values and Ethics are not only slogans but also an integral and fundamental part of company Culture.
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