The ability to present numerous cutting-edge solutions is the result of the important investments made by the Group in the TECHLAB®, a real innovation temple where customers and partners can touch and test live the most modern machines proposed by brands of the group.

Thanks to the TECHLAB®, present in the offices of Robopac San Marino and Robopac Sistemi Villa Verrucchio, Aetna Group can provide valuable advice both on the most appropriate palletizing scheme to pack to carry, either on the best packaging methods are able to conserve intact the product to the consumer.

For customers represent a great added value that allows you to experience firsthand palletizing solutions, packaging and stability of the load and to find the Group the ideal partner to achieve two primary objectives of each company: reduce production costs and optimize efficiency.

The TECHLAB® of the Aetna Group are also equipped with the latest multimedia technologies that are used to carry out tests and demonstrations remotely anywhere in the world, without the need for physical travel by customers.

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