Aetna Group’s attendance at Interpack has become a tradition and our stand once again stood out at the 2014 edition for the innovation and ability to offer products and solutions in line with the most demanding Market needs. Once again, driven by our key value - "The customer always comes first!” – has proven to be a winning approach. The expo was an important time to meet customers, those loyal but especially potential ones, and a great showcase for our innovative products and concepts. Just to name one, the Multilevel control, the innovative hardware and software solution found on all ROTOPLAT Series 8 models that breaks down product height into 5 different levels, all thickness-adjustable, is a perfect example. Furthermore, film stretch, pre-stretch, reinforcement wraps, plate rotation speed, carriage speed, film roping type and even containment pressure platen installation can be adjusted for each. Robopac Sistemi also attended Interpack 2014 with a significant innovation: the new Helix rotating arm family. The innovation is in the special TPM Ready technology option. This is a holistic approach to best optimise machine maintenance, reducing downtime, defects and breakdowns to a minimum. Among the adopted solutions, maximum ergonomics for routine maintenance and spool change as well as maximum device visibility that provides machine reading status. Furthermore lubrication points were reduced in order to centralise and clearly mark them with specific symbols for immediate comprehension of the work to be completed. Moreover, the [email protected] Master shrink wrapping machine is distinguished by its energy efficiency, new gull-wing guards, high operator accessibility, extensive layout of emergency buttons, simplified maintenance and innovative man-machine interface. Completing the new features in the Aetna series is the new TC300 shrink wrapping machine, the most modular, universal and flexible Prasmatic solution for medium speed productions in end line packaging. The main characteristics that captured our visitors’ attention were the ergonomics, modularity, flexibility and extremely compact dimensions that allow it to easy adapt to a wide range of layout needs. It is a machine able to complete different types of end line packaging in a single solution.
The ability to introduce so many significant innovations is the result of consistent investments by the Group in the Technology Lab, still the most advanced example in the sector dedicated to continuous product and process innovation. An investment that represents undeniable added value for Aetna customers who can get hands on experience with our palletising, packaging and load stability solutions discovering the Group as their ideal partner in achieving the two main goals of any business: cost reduction and optimised efficiency.
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