A perpetual passion for innovation characterises AETNA GROUP in all of its manufacturing processes, contributing to defining the Business Culture that merges the technological development with the respect forValues.
Group leadership passes from the genuine upturning of standards regarding the market of reference, representing the last link of the manufacturing process to the first and strongest link in the logistics chain. This observation is the result of studies which have proven that businesses lose billions of euros and dollars in merchandise that arrives damaged and cannot be sold or exhibited on the shelves.
The concept of customer satisfaction is therefore one of Aetna Group's main objectives: the care of customers or their needs is determined by a number of operational aspects concerning the constant improvement of products and applied technology, the constant prevention of problems linked to the product, in order to improve its quality and reliability, the respect for delivery plans and an after-sales service, which is both professional and qualified.
Every year, the company invests in the assistance sector to be able to provide increasingly quick and qualified responses worldwide:
• Altogether, one fifth of the collaborators is represented by qualified personnel, able to intervene quickly the world over;
• the presence of many branches, representatives and local distributors in key areas for the main international markets allows for immediate availability in terms of replacing spare parts;
• also remotely, Aetna Group guarantees permanent telephone support with the increasing application of interventions  through tele and video support;
• inside the Aetna Group production facilities, training courses are always organised for service technicians, supporting distributors and representatives who, on a local level, guarantee a better and quicker intervention;
this awareness and this sense of responsibility have allowed AETNA GROUP and the companies belonging to it  to qualify as an ideal partner, helping customers develop their business rather than being considered as a simple provider.
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