The responsibility of a leading Group is expressed not only in responding to the needs of the market with the best products and services, but also in building a solid and recognized corporate culture. For this reason,  AETNA GROUP has for years started with determination and seriousness a path of identification and sharing of corporate values.

In March 2020 AETNA GROUP adopted a Code of Ethics that reaffirms the principles of the previous one. Book of Values reinforcing the request for sharing not only by all the people who work within the Group, but also by all those who, for whatever reason, work to pursue the company's objectives.

AETNA GROUP attributes and recognizes the legal relevance and mandatory effectiveness of the Code of Ethics and the violation of the rules of conduct and the methods of implementation make sanctions applicable by the Company, within the limits and in proportion to the seriousness of conduct and in compliance with the law.

 Any violation of the Code of Ethics must be reported to the Ethics Manager, Mr. Ivan Fabbri, at the following e-mail address:

Code of Ethics

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