The countdown is on for the most anticipated event of the year. From September 27 to 29, more than 1,400 exhibitors will be exhibiting at the Las Vegas Convention Center (USA), each one promoting their products, technologies and solutions to the international market and making direct contact with customers and partners. Forecasts include a turnout of over 20,000 visitors from all over the world. An important number that reflects the desire of professionals to experience technological solutions and interact with the main players in the sector.

The three-day event will see Robopac, OCME, and TopTier together with a selection of the highest performing and advanced packaging technologies and handling systems, adaptable to any production line.
This is an important signal for the sector and for the companies of Aetna Group, which in these difficult times have invested substantial resources and energy to remain at the side of their customers with high technological and service standards. Their One Global Company vision allows them to bring the Italian group's innovation and value worldwide through a widespread network of branches that guarantee customization to meet the needs of the various markets including prompt and effective service.


Robopac USA and OCME America, together with the American company of the group, TopTier, are the result of the added value that Aetna Group supports in its corporate policy. In this renewed live presence at Pack Expo Las Vegas, testify to the quality proximity to its customers, throughout the difficult pandemic period and now culminated in a new recovery of the sector side by side, with a conscious and completely safe exhibition presence, as indicated by the mission of Aetna Group: to be the best technological partner on the international market for companies in need of reliable, flexible and cutting-edge end-of-line and logistics solutions, in addition to assistance and advice for the development of production lines, pre- and after-sales.
Their demonstrations will include the precision and flexibility of the OCME automatic laser-guided vehicles (LGV), capable of easily moving in any industrial layout as they are not bound to fixed structures and are guided directly by dedicated software.

Two of the most advanced Robopac wrapping machines will be present during the exhibition. The Robot S7is the new self-propelled machine for packaging with stretch film, ideal for loads of different shape, length and weight. The Robot S7 controls the quantity of film and uses Multi-Level technology to ensure a perfect pre-stretch. The machine is interconnected thanks to the R-Connect remote monitoring system, which allows complete control of the operation of the machines remotely and a total support to the end customer.

Technoplat, the latest-generation semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper, has an exclusive automatic cut and clamp device which cuts the film at the end of the wrap cycle. The Technoplat saves 2 minutes of labor per load by keeping the operator on the fork truck. For the average customer, this translates to labor savings of $29,000 over 5 years and $60,000 over the life of the machine!

To complete the range of wrappers, visitors will be able to discover the advantages of the RT Automatic solution, the compact, 17 RPM, made in the USA automatic wrapping machine.


 Their line of automatic palletizers will be represented by the TopTier TT-L20 low infeed palletizer. This modular designed palletizer includes concurrent stretch wrapping which allows you to wrap the pallet during the palletization process saving valuable floor space and overall investment costs.

As demonstrated by their participation in Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021, The Aetna Group’s global vision and reactivity to marketplace change is built on the solid foundation of innovation and the desire to increasingly consolidate their leadership in the packaging and logistics sectors to become a global first-level partner and benchmark for quality and profitability.
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