Acquisition IMSB e ROTAC

Aetna Group sets sights on leadership in Brazilian market
As the Italian Group gains control of two companies, IMSB and Rotac, Enrico and Valentina Aureli state: “Our aim is to offer the market an increasingly comprehensive range of solutions, with technical support to grow together with our customers on every step of the way".

Internationalisation and control over the world’s key markets, local-for-local production, enhancement of the product range, and an ever-more efficient technical support service. As part of an ambitious development plan for 2015/2018 resulting from its consistent approach to business, Aetna Group recently established Aetna Group Iberica. Controlled by the Aureli family, the group has also just completed its acquisition of the majority shareholdings (51%) of Brazilian companies IMSB and Rotac, which are based in Bento Gonçalves, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Heralding a further phase in the group’s growth, this new addition to the corporate framework will enable it to increase its hold over the Brazilian market. 

IMSB and Rotac – which are both renowned brands in Brazil – specialise in the design, production and assembly of low-rate packaging machines and solutions for Home & Personal Care and Cosmetic sectors of the Brazilian market, with over 120 employees on their books and a turnover of 25 million Brazilian reals. 

In the last 4 years, Aetna Group has placed more than 300 automatic machines in South America. Now, through these acquisitions, the Group will be able to produce its products locally, using the established organisational structure, experience, and know-how offered by IMSB and Rotac, while also incorporating complementary technologies to those in its own portfolio in order to provide cutting-edge, custom-design solutions.

Working alongside local partners Judenor Marchioro and Valter Scarmin, Aetna Group has approved a development plan for the coming years which should bring about a considerable rise in sales, and so greatly facilitate market penetration of the group’s products and solutions (which will be manufactured partly in Brazil and partly in Italy).

"We believe that internal and external growth go hand in hand – commented Enrico and Valentina Aureli, managing directors of Aetna Group – and this involves identifying and acquiring established companies located in countries with a strong manufacturing industry. Our goal at Aetna Group is to provide the market with machines produced locally (local-for-local approach), which will be integrated with other solutions imported from Italy and, as a result of our latest acquisition, we will also be able to provide an even faster, more effective, and stable technical support service, using the extensive, well-established network and know-how offered by IMSB and Rotac". 

"My partner Valter Scarmin and I - says Judenor Marchioro, general manager of ISBM - founded the company in 1998. Our financial resources were somewhat lacking at the time, but we have always done our utmost to meet the market’s needs. We are extremely proud to have made it to the leading position in Brazil in the production of machinery for the Home & Personal Care industry, where we are renowned for the quality of our products and of the service we provide to our customers. Our motto is: commitment, technological evolution at all times and integrity, by which we mean that we prioritise transparency and honesty in all our business processes. These values are also found in the business philosophy advocated by the Aureli family. This is also why we believe so strongly in the partnership with Aetna Group, as it is through this alliance that we can aim to become the biggest and best company in Latin America in our field. No effort will be spared in our endeavour to deliver significant results, all the while maintaining the utmost respect for customers, employees and all those involved in our work”.

“Being a business owner means having a clear view of your strategies  – concludes Alfredo Aureli, founder and chairman of Aetna Group – which have to be shared with business partners and clearly conveyed to all those who work with you so that they can contribute to the implementation of these strategies. Once you have set your goals, you need to find suitable human and financial resources to develop a plan of action which will bring them to the achievement. For example: if you decide to climb a mountain,  in order to reach the summit and put the flag on the top, you have to set up a base camp with all the food, tools, and equipment required to embark on the climb. All those involved must take an active role in the venture and everyone must carry out the tasks assigned to them to the best of their ability, with skill and determination. Once you have crossed the first hurdle of reaching the base camp, you will need expert climbers, who are well trained, well equipped and unwavering in their goal to reach the top. The mountain we intend to climb is the Brazilian market! Fortunately, the base camp (IMSB-Rotac) we have set off from offers great resources, in the form of young people who are both willing and able to take on the new challenges that will come their way.  Together with them, we can enhance our competitive edge, through carefully standardisation of the products and the production cycle”. 

Aetna Group, therefore, intends to establish a leadership in the Brazilian and South American market, through the IMSB and Rotac products, as well as those offered by Robopac, Robopac Sistemi, Dimac and Prasmatic. To reach this milestone, the Group will deploy all its skills and resources, namely its range of products, its global view of the market, and a strong industrial position within the Brazilian market.

Aetna Group is a world leader in the packaging industry, specializing in end-line solutions. It has over 600 employees, 7 subsidiaries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Spain) and 6 production plants (5 located in the Italian Packaging Valley and 1 in Brazil). It is present in more than 120 countries, providing a global assistance service.

Its turnover is 120 million Euros, achieved through six brands: Robopac, Robopac Sistemi, Dimac, Prasmatic, Imsb, Rotac. 

Alfredo Aureli is the Group’s founder and Chairman and the Managing Directors are his children Enrico and Valentina Aureli.
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